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Curry Tool Company, founded in 1938, continues to manufacture the highest quality stainless steel trowels. We've grown from being the nation's number 1 manufacturer of Stainless Steel Trowels to supplying our hand tools worldwide.

Our product lines are used by home owner do-it-yourselfers (DIYers), archeological restoration artisans, and especially professionals in the trowel trades. We primarily sell to construction equipment wholesalers, contractors supply stores, hardware stores, building supply stores and retailers, and specialty tools companies that cater to the building trade (s).

Professional Tradesmen Depend on Curry Tools
Trowel trades professionals look to Curry Tool products for their long life and application applicability. Our tools get the job done right the first time.

  • Masons, concrete workers, and cement workers depend upon our Curry Stainless Steel Finish Trowels. These Finish Trowels are available in over 400 size combinations. Our Cement Trowels are also available in Swedish Stainless Steel, High-carbon Steel and Blue Steel. Our Cement and Concrete Step Tools make quick work concrete step-forming requirements - from trailer steps, terrace steps, highrise , handicap ramps...We have Edgers - hand edgers and walking edgers.

  • Plastering Professionals - From Drywall to Stucco to Pools - plasterers know Curry Stainless Steel Finish Trowels are the right tool for the job. These trowels have been improved over generations of craftsman, and are available in custom sizes, as well as a huge selection of stock sizes. Sheetrock and gypsum wallboard plasterers depend upon our plastic trowels. Our wide array of corner and angle tools ensure you can deliver the expertise in today's modern architecture. Pool plasterers working the hard-to-work radius find our Swimming Pool Trowel without equal. We also have these tools available with plastic blades. Stucco Plasterers know Curry Tool Floats and Trowels can take the load of modern plaster admixtures.

    We Have Complete Product Lines for the Professional
    The Curry Tool Company on-line catalog contains over a thousand different trowel shapes and sized. Retailers and Distributors look to our product line for a professional assortment of sizes and shapes for maximum inventory turns. We can assist you in developing custom trowel product and masonry and plastering accessory line offerings for your market demographics. Whether you cater to the trowel, construction or contractor trades, Curry Tool Company has the breadth of product to fit your market needs. Have a Curry Tool Company Account Representative contact you by clicking here.

    Custom Size Trowels
    Curry Tool Company is the contractors secret weapon. When the job's design calls for a unique and non-standard shape and size, custom pool and home contractors rely on Curry Tool to manufacture the tools needed for the job. If you're on the contract, and can't find a size to fit the job, contact us and we'll get the tool made.

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